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Qualify for Mortgage Assistance

Upon successful completion of the HomeTrack Online course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate of Completion may help you qualify for down payment assistance or special mortgage programs if available in your area. This is not an automatic guarantee, however the Certificate is one of the requirements.

The cost is very affordable at $100 per person or per married couple.

Your dream of home ownership is a click away.


Not taking a HUD Certified Homebuyer Education Course is perhaps the biggest mistake a home buyer can make…

Sign up for HomeTRACK Online and learn what other smart homebuyers have learned…from the comfort of their own homes, at their own pace, on their own time!

Homebuyer classes shouldn’t be dull

Get ready for an interactive classroom experience led by knowledgeable instructors that keep you engaged and entertained. Say goodbye to boring computer screens filled with tons of text to read. And, that’s not all . . . you’ll be joined by other interactive students all in the comfort of your own environment, 24/7.

Learn what you need and have fun

Anticipate fun games, shows and informative videos to keep you entertained while retaining important information on the homebuying process. You will be armed with all the knowledge you need in order to insure a successful and sustainable home buying experience.

I work from my home and have three teens as a single Mom. I also care for my Mother who is disabled. I really loved the TO CATCH A PREDATORY LENDER segment, with the guy who stole the cookies. Being able to take this from my home on my time made it much easier for me.

Alicia M.

I also liked the humor factor. It makes a long course so much more enjoyable to sit through.

Mary Ann S.

I liked the concept and how the information is taught. I learned a lot from this course. Really enjoyed the learning.

Luz D.

Looked forward to each next Unit waiting to see what surprises were ahead.

Jimmy L.

Loved all the characters, Goodfather, Uncle Sam, Will Getcha. What a great learning experience!

Julian B.